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Welcome to Stella Weds Blog. Within this part of the site you will find out a little more about the Stella Weds team and new products that we've added.

Date: 10/01/2009 - Time: 01.19pm
Happy New Year, We're back at Stella HQ.
Hope you've had an excellent Christmas and here's to a happy new year. Loads of stylish products coming your way this year.

Be fabulous,
Stella XxXxX.
Date: 20/12/2008 - Time: 09.36am
Merry Christmas Everyone.
Hello, The last minute Christmas orders we've received will be sent out today then Christmas starts for us. All orders placed after 3pm today will be sent in the new year when we are back. Have a great time, Be safe, Be sensible - most of the time anyway.

More importantly, Be fabulous,
Stella XxXxX.
Date: 22/11/2008 - Time: 10.11am
New Chest style favour boxes added.
We have launched a new treasure chest style favour box due to poplar demand from our wedding planners. You can find the new boxes in our favour box category. Available in a wide range of colours.

Be fabulous,
Stella XxXxX.
Date: 12/09/2008 - Time: 11.30am
New round top favour boxes.
Today you will see another favour box design that we have added to our range. This one is called Round Top which you will be able to see why we have given it that name. You can find the new boxes in our favour box category.

Be fabulous,
Stella XxXxX.